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Sniffing Out Halloween

October 30, 2014

My GBGV Life Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Love, Bailie, Katie, and Emma Read more…

I Attended The DOGFACE Book Release Party!

October 30, 2014

My GBGV Life DOGFACE bannerLadies and Gentlemen, my cute face is now in a new book! As you know I have done some modeling in the past with Barbara O’Brien. She decided to put together some of her favorite dog photos and create a book which she titled DOGFACE. I received an invitation to the book release party and was also asked to bring Mom along with me, how exciting! The party was held in a facility that normally holds dog training and agility classes, thus the odd decor. Read more…

Happy Yumpkin

October 29, 2014

My GBGV Life Bailie eats a yumpkinBailie could not just pose, she had to try to eat that pumpkin which means it must be a yumpkin! Read more…

GBGV Chefs Bake Halloween Cookies

October 28, 2014

My GBGV Life Emma and Bailie ready to bake Halloween CookiesAfter my pumpkin disaster last week, I decided to get some canned pumpkin and bake up some yummy Halloween Pumpkin Apple Cookies for my sisters and I. This time of year is all about pumpkins and apples, so these Halloween cookies fit right in! My baking assistant, Bailie, was happy to lend a helping paw with the task as well. She is still learning but she comes in handy for many things. Read more…

Halloween At The Garden Center

October 27, 2014

My GBGV Life sniffing the pumpkin at Pahl's market garden centerRecently, I was so excited! I got to go to Pahl’s Market all by myself with Mom! Pahl’s is a garden center near our house. They have all kinds of fun stuff, so we thought we would check it out together. It is nearly impossible to go shopping with three dogs and sometimes even two is difficult, so I got to take in my first garden center and have Mom all to myself. Pahl’s was all decked out for Halloween and fall, which made it extra fun! Read more…

Day Dreamer

October 26, 2014

My GBGV Life day dreamerDay dreamer Emma. Just a little dog, day dreaming on the prairie. For some treats, I may tell you some of my thoughts. Read more…

Fall Leaves With The Family

October 23, 2014

My GBGV Life fall leaves walkWe’ve had a ton of beautiful weather days this fall, and the leaves suddenly turned. We thought it would be fun to go out as a family and take some pretty photos. Mom rarely walks all three of us because Katie is quite slow and can’t go as far, but we wanted to have her along, so we selected a shorter route. Read more…

A Tribute To Furs Of The Past

October 23, 2014

My GBGV Life a tribute to the furs of the pastThe end of October can be a sad time of year for us because we lost two precious members of our furry family during this time. Katie and Mom have the passing of Trine on October 21, 2003 in their thoughts, and Katie, Mom, and I have the passing of our kitty Boo on October 29, 2007 on our minds. I though it would be nice to post a small tribute to the pets we have lost that Katie and/or I have known. Read more…

Total Concentration

October 22, 2014

My GBGV Life full concentrationSo, any idea what I am so completely focused on? Scroll to the end of this post to find out! I bet you will never guess! Read more…

Kitchen Disaster With Pumpkin? Frett No More!

October 21, 2014

My GBGV Life looking at kitchen disasterWhat a great idea for fall – I decided to bake some cookies using fresh pumpkin! That was my brilliant idea until I had a kitchen disaster on my paws, head, and everywhere else! We love the taste of pumpkin at our house and I hear fresh pumpkin is real healthy, so why not give it a shot. I had no idea the pumpkin guts would be everywhere and create a kitchen disaster. Now what am I going to do? Read more…

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