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Is Fifty Nifty? Happy Birthday, Mom!

July 29, 2014

My GBGV Life happy fifty to MomHappy birthday to my mom who is turning fifty today! I don’t really understand it, but she says fifty isn’t all that nifty…what does that mean, and who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday? Read more…

Mischief In A Box Full Of Treats

July 28, 2014

My GBGV Life Emma with a box from Merrick The other day, my friend in the big brown truck stopped by and left me a box. I wasn’t expecting a package, so it was a fun surprise. The important wording on the box for me was Merrick and Dog Treats! Read more…

Sunday is Sleep Day

July 27, 2014

My GBGV Life Sunday is sleep daySunday is take it easy day at our house. We sleep in until almost 6am if you can believe that! Mom calls is lazy Sunday although she runs around like a fool cleaning, laundry, running, walking, and who knows what else. I know I find a nice quiet place to sleep and just snooze most of the day and I love it. Sometimes I sleep in one of my beds, sometimes just on the floor. It all depends on where I feel most comfy that day. Any of my friends out there enjoy a good Sunday snooze? Read more…

10 Reasons To Work Out With Your Dog

July 25, 2014

My GBGV Life Emma ready to work outOur family is really active and we all love working out together. Mom calls us her “fitness buds”.  We are pretty motivated all on our own, but we know lots of folks have trouble getting started with working out. If you haven’t joined yet, you may want to hook up with This is a virtual fitness club where a dogs fitness activities are measured in paws. It is all done on the honor system, but the competition should help motivate you to, as they say, “get off your butt, and move your mutt”. Bailie and I are usually towards the top of the charts every month. My bandana is a prize one of us won for being in the top three a few months ago. It is all for fun, but it may just be the motivation you are looking for. Read more…

Peppermint In A Patty, Anyone?

July 23, 2014
My GBGV Life with 2014 All Star Game Peanuts Figure, Peppermint Patty

Knock it out of the park, Peppermint Patty!

Read more…

There Is A New Delivery Dog In Town!

July 22, 2014

My GBGV Life with treats and delivery dogIt’s Tasty Tuesday and I am reviewing some tasty treats the delivery dog just brought over! With the gorgeous summer weather I thought a little picnic would be the ideal setting for my review today. Read more…

The Playground

July 21, 2014

My GBGV Life at the bottom of the playground slideSaturday morning we took our long adventure walk down to a small lake that has a playground area right next to the beach. Bailie has never been on playground equipment before. It was early and we were pretty much the only ones around, so we decided to try it out. Mom only had her phone along, so the photos may not be the best ever, but they came out good enough to post. Read more…

Hanging Out With Bear Wubba

July 20, 2014

My GBGV Life sister Bailie with her Kong Bear WubbaMy little sister Bailie has lots of toys, but her two “oldest” toys, the ones that have survived her torture thus far, are both Kong Wubba toys. She has a green one called Wubba and this brown furry one named, Bear Wubba. The green Wubba was her first and she sometimes plays fetch with it in the living room, but other times she prefers Bear Wubba. Most of the time, she just enjoys rolling around on the floor with Bear Wubba in her mouth, making him squeak and tugging on his tails. Sometimes they just lie together and rest on the floor too. Read more…

Our Evening Backyard Workout |K9 Kamp

July 18, 2014

My GBGV Life planning our upcoming chase gameIn the summer, our favorite evening activity is a good game of backyard chase and wrestle. Katie and I used to play, but now that she has slowed down, Bailie and I enjoy it. Our backyard isn’t huge, but it is fenced and big enough for us to get some serious speed going. We always start slow, kind of planning our game strategy for the evening. Read more…

The Inside Scoop on My GBGV Life

July 16, 2014

I’m thrilled to tell you Mom and I were invited by Bentley and his mom, Melissa, of Barking from the Bayou to join the Writer’s Process Blog Tour. Today, you will get the inside scoop on what goes on during the writing of our blog posts. I have been tracking Bentley’s blog for a while now, he is the most handsome Bassett Hound (I think I have a cyber crush on him)! At BlogPaws this year we got to meet his mom and dad, but sadly only a flat Bentley. Bentley and I are already planning to meet in dog next May at BlogPaws.

My GBGV Life posing in Vegas with flat BentleHis mom,Melissa, is great and put up with being almost huggled to death by Bailie at BlogPaws! She is a writer and has written a couple books already, The Returns, and The Returns 2 Showstoppers. Her books are mysteries inspired by her pets (past and present) and are a lot of fun to read. Bentley’s blog is always entertaining. He is currently living with Pierre, a Westie, that belongs to Melissa’s daughter. Bentley and Pierre help out a lot with their blog. Barking from the Bayou has a lot of useful information, totally awesome photos, and best of all, lots of fun! Stop by and give them a howl if you aren’t already a fan of theirs! Read more…

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