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Today I will be demonstrating how to bake Nutty Squirrel Cookies

Today I will be demonstrating how to bake Nutty Squirrel Cookies

Today I am going to be making nutty squirrel cookies.  I know a lot of you have wondered what happened to that crazy baking GBGV?  Well, after the holidays we were so full of good stuff that we did not need any more snacks, then mom went on vacation and left us behind for a week, and we just have been too busy to bake until now.

Squirrel Form

Squirrel Form

For Christmas you may have heard that Gramma got me a squirrel cookie cutter – how cool is that!!!  I have been dying to use it but I also had to have just the right recipe that would go with squirrels.  I decided to name this recipe nutty squirrel cookies because it has the nutty taste of peanut butter and the nutty look from the oatmeal.  I figure if I can’t get a hold of one of those big bushy tails outside my windows, I will simply make my own. Maybe I can munch them down in my window while watching Fred and Ralph…like popcorn and a movie only it would be cookies and a live show!

Rolling our the dough!

Rolling our the dough!

I laid out all the ingredients and, of course, my cat bro Bert felt the need to help me out. Seriously, he did not even wash his paws, nor did he bring an apron or hat! I let him hang out for a bit but when he realized I wasn’t giving him any of the cookie dough he hit the road. What a freeloader, just wanted MY cookie dough!

This is a super simple and fast recipe to make, any dog can do it and the only dangerous part is the oven.  As always, have your human help you get the cookies in and out of the oven so you don’t burn your paws!

I mixed all the ingredients together and then rolled out the dough to about 1/4 inch thick. That is the hardest part for me but I got it done.  I cut out numerous squirrels and placed them on my cookie sheet.  The cookies then went into the oven for 20 mins but then rather than taking them out we turned the oven off and

The Nutty Squirrel Cookies!

The Nutty Squirrel Cookies!

cracked the oven door open and let the cookies sit in there to cool for another half hour. When they came out they were nice and crispy…yummmmmyyyy!!!

Once they cooled off most of the way, mom let Katie and I taste them and they were as great as they smelled. Even Bert returned to the kitchen in the hope of finding a crumb or two.

If you would like the recipe to bake them for yourself, click here for a downloadable PDF of the recipe.

Happy Baking my friends!!!

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  1. goldenwoofs says

    Woof! Woof! LOVE it Emma. Oh n love your meow assistant in the kitchen. We skipped TT today on our blog (as we have a different post). Enjoy the cookies. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. says

    Another great photo shoot Little Miss I Can Model! Love it an we must try your recipe! Mama is just like you in that she gets a new cookie cutter and then figures out a recipe to go with it!

  3. FleaByte says

    Emma! Those look amazing! Did you bite the heads off first? Or grab them by the bushy tail and shake them? Did you name any of the squirrels?

    • says

      I called them Fred and Ralph like the real ones that tease me in my window every day and I just munch right down on their cookie bodies with my strong chompers :)

  4. says

    Momz didn’t bake for me this week cause like you I still have an overload of treats in the freezer from holiday baking…I love the idea of squirrel treats and alive show…Momz better make me some of these for when I’m on my couch perch watching those fluffy tails

  5. catvoci says

    Amazon has a set of cutters that has a squirrel, fire hydrant and a bone. They also have a mini set. Now if I can just find a UPS truck. My Westie hates them too.

    • says

      Oh we love delivery trucks because we know that they bring us stuff…more stuff than mommy gets 😉 I have bone cutters in multiple sizes but no fire hydrants.

  6. says

    Amazon has a cutter set with a squirrel, fire hydrant, and a bone they also have a mini set for small dogs. Now if on;y I could find a UPS truck, my Westie hates them too.

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