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Emmas b and b fun

Emma’s Doggie Bed & Breakfast has officially opened for 2013!  My first guest was our good friend Buddy who arrived on Friday just at the tail end of the snowstorm that gave us 6 new fluffy inches of white stuff to play in. My calendar is filling fast as my cousin Lena will be coming for her yearly 2 week spring break visit the beginning of March and Buddy may be back the end of March.  With so many repeat guests I must run a good B & B!

Wait Buddy, I'm gonna get you!

Wait Buddy, I’m gonna get you!

Mom did most of the shoveling before Buddy got here so we could head right out and take our usual welcome walk before getting down to snow business in the yard. Mom says that it is always best to walk together first so us friends can get reacquainted and get our business out of the way…remember our house rule is that our yard is not a bathroom.

We came back from the walk and started blazing new trails in the snow right away.  I got my wild panties on and was really into chase

Katie got the tennis ball, no one cares!

Katie got the tennis ball, no one cares!

and wrestle with Buddy.  Considering all the snow in the yard, he is really speedy but he did look more like a snowball than a dog in just a few minutes.  Katie was more into supervising our game and playing the referee. Since she is older, she can’t run as well as she used to with her arthritis but she likes to be involved as much as she can.

Buddy eventually got tired of me chasing and tackling him and decided to find some tennis balls. Usually mom keeps all our toys under the

You can't hide from me Buddy!

You can’t hide from me Buddy!

deck and Buddy knows that.  I have no use for tennis balls, but he thinks they are wonderful and since the snow isn’t as deep under the deck he found one quickly.  I decided to pester him so he ended up dropping it in the snow and then was trying to dig it out but could not find it.  Finally, Katie came over, found the ball and stole it in the hope that we would try to take it away from her.  I could care less that she had the ball and Buddy has too much respect to try to get anything away from her, so poor Katie had the “golden” tennis ball and no one cared.

To add to the fun, all of the sudden the neighbors to the side of us and to the back let their dogs out too. Buddy is in love with the one girl next door and I caught them smooching through the fence – yuck! In protest I ran the fence up and down with her sister, we don’t care for each other and enjoy doing that when we are both out. The dogs behind us are good pals and sometimes they sometimes come into our yard to play but there was too

Watch out Buddy I am going to get you!

Watch out Buddy I am going to get you!

much snow for that to happen so we just hung out and sniffed through the fence. Unfortunately, when all the other dogs came out mom had already put her camera in the house since it was still snowing a bit, so we did not get any photos of that.

Finally we were all really tired so we came back into the house for a snack and to defrost and tank up energy for our next romp in the yard. A nice load of fresh fluffy snow is sooo much fun but never fear we have fun yearround!

Below is a short silly video of Buddy with the tennis ball, what a nut!

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  1. FleaByte says

    Oh my dawg, Emma Dog! Buddy is having so much fun! And you know that we are eternally jealous of your snow! We’re hoping to get a couple of inches tonight. Y’all can’t have all the snow fun!

    • says

      We really to enjoy ourselves and this was super nice powder on top of the older pack snow which made it more fun than usual! You Newfs should come visit!

    • says

      My little legs are worn out from all that racing and romping…I have been sleeping almost all day today, but it was worth it to have a ton of fun!

  2. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says

    Oh Emma,

    That buddy sure is funny and cute, I’d love to play tennis with him in the snow!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. says

    Me and Nellie couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have that much snow all in one place. We have only been in snow once and We can assure you that We did not like it one little bit. Far too cold for our tastes. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  4. says

    Oh Emma–what fun you all must be having at your ‘inn’! Your guests are so lucky. Enjoy your snow–we are getting a ton of it right now and my dog, Y-Bo, is loving every second of it! Take care!!

  5. says

    What good fun Emma…You must be the perfect doggie hostess…Gizmo wants to book a room in April (he’d rather wait till the snow melts :) )

  6. says

    I’m glad you finally got some snow for playing in! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :-) We are expecting more here tomorrow and Thursday.


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