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My friend Oz the Terrier has taken on the task of writing a limerick a day this month in honor of St. Patrick for friends that submit answers to a few questions on his blog.  He still has some slots open so if you are interested click here to go to the page for entering.

One other interesting fact is that my mom actually spent a night in Limerick, Ireland. Back when she was flight attendant (that was like eons ago, even before my sister Katie was born and she is almost 11) they had some type of emergency and had to land in Limerick but because of rest rules, they could not continue on and had to spend the night.  She said it was really a quaint place and there were lots of long haired Highland cows by where they stayed. She loves those cows, says they are so cute…I think that cows just smell but that is my opinion and I don’t really have any cow friends so I don’t know much about them. Katie got chased by herd of cows when she lived in Germany so she has a serious fear of them, I am not afraid, just think they are smelly.

There was a GBGV named Emma

who thought she was some kind of gem-a.

She howls out a warning

at four every morning

which causes quite a dilemma.

An original poem by Oz the Terrier; re-posted with permission, in its entirety, as originally posted on

saturday-blog-hop4I am joining in the Saturday Pet Blog Hop today, sponsored by Life With DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.

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      She said it was kind of an extension of college and a big party all rolled into one. She is glad she got out of it when she did but she has had lots of experiences for sure!

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    That limerick is perfect for you! How cool that your mom got to visit Ireland, too. Mom says that’s a place she’s always wanted to visit!


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      Unfortunately, the PBGV won the hound ground and not the GBGV but on the other hand at least the GBGV was participating. Here we are still not at the shows.

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    Very cool limerick Emma! You might think cows are just smelly, but they give us good stuff – like ice cream – so they are not ALL bad. Poor Katie though…how scary to get chased by one! If I were her I’d boycott Ice Cream. Well, not really, but maybe I’d eat it less often. :-)

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