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interview with Lena

Oh, hi there readers, I was thinking that it is time for some barks and woofs with Lena.  Cousin Lena comes to Emma’s B & B every year for spring break.  I interviewed her last year, but a year is a long time so I thought we should sit down and chat again. I decided to be a bit more professional for this interview, so I borrowed mom’s desk in her office but I also brought my own stuff like Bunny and some snacks to make it a bit more homey for us doggies.

Emma:  Lena this is your 4th spring break at my house, do you still enjoy staying at my B & B?

Lena:  Oh, you wouldn’t believe how much I look forward to staying at your place every spring break! It is tiring but so much fun! Arrooooo!!!

Emma:  Do you even remember the first time you stayed with us as you were only 9 weeks old?  I had to do some serious puppy training work with you!

Lena:  I don’t really remember much about that visit because I was so young but I do know that ever since then you and I have a different bond, you are kind of like a mom to me because you are always the boss and you like to tell me what to do and I do it…grrr

Emma:  Aarroooo! At least you got that right, I am the boss for sure!  You are three now Lena, why are you still playing with all of our stuffies, aren’t they for babies?

Lena:  I just love toys! At home I am not allowed to have any toys because I destroy them all so when I get here it is so fun to have stuff to play with and you have so many stuffies that make super fun animal noises too! My favorite is that quacking duck, I even brought him to this interview, just love hearing him quack.  I don’t destroy your stuffies, so no worries, cousin.

Emma:  What is your favorite thing about staying with us?

Lena:  I love all the activities! I don’t get out much at home, so going for all the walks with you guys and getting to go running with your mom is so much fun.  I am so much more relaxed since I am plum tuckered out most of the time! I do like having some fur friends around too as being an only pet can get lonely at times.

Emma:  What do you think of cats?

Lena:  Cousin Bowie, Gramma’s cat, comes to stay at my house sometimes, I really like him but I always lick him until he is soaking wet and then he seems to get mad at me.  Your cats are different, Sophie is terrified of me even though I have never done anything to her and Bert is just plain strange…I don’t think he was ever told that cats and dogs don’t mix because he loves to hang out with you guys and me.  Woof, woof!

Emma:  Why do you follow my mom all over the place, you know I don’t like that because she is my mom and it makes me jealous.  You have also done some bad stuff to her the past few years, tripped her while running so her face smashed on the curb and peeing on her.  Grrr, woof, grrr…

Lena:  I like her and she is the one that feeds me so I don’t want to lose track of her and I do miss my humans so I like to be near your human. I never meant to trip her while running, I felt bad about that incident and the peeing thing, who knows, I guess I thought she looked like a tree at the time!  Woof!

Emma:  How ridiculous! My mom does not look anything like a tree, you are nuts!  Katie wanted me to ask you if you are trying to steal Vegas, her boyfriend that lives down the block.  Evidently you got a bit too close to him for her liking on our walk the other day.  Are you even interested in finding a boyfriend?

Lena:  I don’t have contact with other dogs when I am at home, so I don’t really know but that Vegas is one handsome boy and he seems to sure like me! Arroooo!!!  I wouldn’t be able to really be his girlfriend, though because I am only around for 2 weeks a year.  Hope Katie doesn’t mind if I just flirt a bit.

Emma:  Whatever, I still don’t get the attraction with boys thing.  If they want to go squirrel or wabbit hunting with me I would go, but I am just not into that whole lovey, lovey, kissy thing.   Why aren’t you into chasing critters, yet you are nuts to chase tennis balls and frisbees, that makes no sense to me at all!

Lena:  I am a Labrador Retriever, I have this feeling that I need to chase things and bring them back to a human, but I don’t know what I would do if I caught a critter.  Birdies are a bit more interesting but still not as much fun as things humans toss for me. Why don’t you like to chase tennis balls and frisbees?

Emma:  I guess it is boring, at least with critters there is a challenge and when I catch a wabbit I do bring it to mom.  For some reason it doesn’t seem to make her very happy but I do it anyway because I feel I should. I am a scent hound, not a retriever!  Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Lena:  You guys sure are lucky as you have that whole drawer full of snacks in the kitchen…remember I went right to it when I first got to your house the other day.  Maybe we could work on figuring out how to open it ourselves so we could eat those snacks when we wanted to, not just when your mom gives them to us?

Emma:  I think we better leave that drawer alone, if we get caught mom might stop the snack supply which would be devastating!  Woof!  Thanks so much for barking and woofing with me Lena!

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  1. says

    that interview was so cute! Sounds like Lena gets more exercise and stimulation at your house for sure…I think I need to visit for a while too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. says

    That was the best interview!! It sounds like Lena really has a lot of fun and interesting things to do while she stays with you Emma! I bet she sleeps for months when she gets home!

  3. barkandchatter says

    You are a great interviewer Emma, and so professional! Finn agrees with you – balls and frisbees are lame when there are squirrels and wabbits to chase!!!

  4. FleaByte says

    Holy smokes! A whole year is like seven years for a dog! It’s amazing you remember anything at all! But remembering where the treat drawer is seems like an imperative.

    I love this interview! And the photo! Too adorable. :)

  5. says

    That is the best picture ever Emma! You are so cute and we really like Lena cause she’s a Lab! We thinks Labs are pretty awesome!!!! Happy Monday!

  6. says

    Very cute interview….although I can’t believe Lena peed on your mom and is flirting with Katie’s dude and is trying to get into the treat cabinets! What is it with these Labs and finding mischief anyway?

  7. says

    Nice of you to add a few touches to make Lena feel comfortable Emma…I’m sure you’re a great hostess but it sounds like Cousin Lena is quite the handful, though probably a lot of fun…She is almost grown now so maybe this year’s visit will be a little easier on your Momz

    • says

      Lena means no harm, she is just hyper because she is bored at home and then here she is so excited but mom runs a lot with her and she walks with us too, so she mellows down after a few days.

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