The Tale of the Pirate Frog | GBGV | Wordless Wednesday

So all of the sudden this pirate frog shows up in my kitchen and tells me some story about how if I kiss him he will turn into my prince charming! Yeah, right…I don’t think I am buying into this bunch of blarney!

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  1. says

    Hahaha at the face you’re making…it’s like you’re rolling your eyes! So I’m guessing you didn’t kiss him huh? :)

    • Emmadog says

      I’m not big on falling in love in the first place, that is more my sister’s thing…but this frog…highly skeptical!

        • Emmadog says

          I did and ended up with some tiny, tan, weirdo in a tuxedo with frog feet – I kicked him out! Lesson learned, never kiss a strange frog :)

    • Emmadog says

      Mom does not like reptiles so we are never allowed near them but this huge frog seems to be some kind of exception to the rule!

    • Emmadog says

      No, we don’t destroy stuffies, sometimes they tear in a good game of tug o war but that would be it!

  2. barkandchatter says

    Good thinking, Emma! Never trust an amphibian in a pirate hat, especially when there’s kissing involved!

  3. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says

    Hey Emma,

    Don’t kiss that green froggy, give me a kiss and I’ll be you’re prince charming! :)

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    • Emmadog says

      Wish you had told me that yesterday…most of the comments seemed to think I should kiss him, so I did and the result is on my fb page today…what a disappointment!

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