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I wanted to have a great bash for my sister Katie’s birthday since she is turning 11 today and she is such a great sister to me. I thought long and hard about what to do and I came up with the ideal plan!

Party Tent

Plan A

We were out walking and passed by the strip mall about a mile from our house when I saw this great party tent in the parking lot! Whoa! This would be ideal for a giant party! The other cool thing is that there is a McDonalds in the parking lot too.  I decided I would invite all of Katie’s boyfriends in the neighborhood up here to the tent. They can all walk since it is not far, and they are all really young – Katie is a bit of a cradle robber!  For fun, rather than playing a boring fetch game or something, I figured Mom could take each dog separately for a car ride (every dog loves a car ride) through the McDonald’s drive through and get them a Happy Meal. Meals would be eaten in the tent. I could bake a cake at home and bring it along, and there is a pet store in the mall too in case anyone needed to steal, grab, okay, buy a last minute gift. I was so pumped up – this was going to be “the party” and then Mom said, “NO”. What???  For one thing, she said that I couldn’t invite all her boyfriends since they all are in love with Katie and they don’t know about each other…it would turn into one big dog fight. She reminded me too, that most of Katie’s friends can’t go anywhere during the day because their parents work and lock the pups up in their homes. She said she was neither going to give each dog a ride nor buy them Happy Meals! Can you believe that! The last straw was the thing about a leash law in our town and if all the dogs were leashed it would be a huge tangled mess. What a bummer!  I needed to come up with a new plan.

Plan B

Ok, I guess a smaller family affair will be fine. Katie isn’t as wild and crazy as she used to be so she would be happy with that.

GBGV Emma Baking

I got busy in the kitchen with the birthday dessert which is usually the highlight off the day! I decided on a Peanut Butter Banana Cake with Honey Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  I am naming my creation “Paws on Paws”.  Stay tuned on Tasty Tuesday next week as I will be posting on how I put this dessert together and I will have the recipe for you as well as a review of one of my new baking pans!

cake and ice cream

As you can see from the photos, we really enjoyed the cake and ice cream! That recipe was super easy and tastes so extremely yummy! Amazingly, I gobbled mine up before Katie, usually she is the family speed eater!

GBGV the party

GBGV eating birthday cake animation

GBGV Yummy

I was also super excited that my friends Augie and Ti from sent Katie a birthday gift! If you don’t know them, check out their website and facebook page, they are funny like me :) She really liked it especially the tug-a-war toy, since that is her favorite game!

gift collage copy

Mom got Katie some more Pawz shoes for her paw she is having dragging issues with, and Mom is also giving her a ton of extra loving. Gramma promised to keep the Trader Joes Dog Cookies coming, so she did make out OK on the gifts.

Happy Birthday, Katie! I love you so much and thank you so much for being the best big sister a pup could ask for. Enjoy being 11!


  1. says

    Happy Happy Birthday Katie. 11 is a great age!

    Too bad about the foiled party plans, but it sure looks like Emma found an even better way to celebrate!

  2. Ellen Shedlarx says

    I liked Plan A. Happy Birthday Katie with love and hugs from Ellen and the other Katie- the PBGV Katie.

    • Emmadog says

      Katie is lucky, you can’t see her grey/white fur since she is that color already – LOL! Come on over, we have plenty of cake and ice cream to share!

  3. says

    Katie – I hope you had a great birthday, you don’t look a day over 7! Good thing mom put a stop to the potential boyfriend disaster – guess Emma is still too young to understand about scheduling the ‘dates’. It’s nice of Emma to share the limelight for your special day – Happy B’day!

    • Emmadog says

      Katie says thanks! I am not into the boys like she is. Mom says she has always loved the boys, makes no sense to me but it makes her happy. We have to visit them all on our walks and I have to wait while they sniff and smooch – yuck!

    • Emmadog says

      Having a great time so far and that dessert is pawsome, glad I have a little sis that is good in the kitchen!

  4. says

    Aw, hey, happy birthday, Katie! Looking good, lady. I LOVE the picture of you baking, Emma and what a pretty cake it was. What a wonderful bash you threw for your sister. It sure looks like she had a great time.

    • Emmadog says

      It was fun and most importantly, tasty! Katie loves to eat, so the dessert is always a big thing at our house.

    • Emmadog says

      Even mom said it smelled so good she almost wanted a piece. It is all human stuff so she could eat it but she decided to leave it for us. Stay tuned on Tuesday for the recipe.

  5. FleaByte says

    Happy birthday Katie! You made out like a bandit! Those Paws on Paws look very yummy. Can’t wait till next Tuesday to see how they’re made! Too bad about the McDonald’s though.

  6. says

    Happy Birthday, Katie! I can see you’re having a wonderful time.
    Emma, I think your original plan sounded amazing, I can’t see why your mum didn’t like it!
    Those paws on paws are a work of art – almost too good to eat!

    • Emmadog says

      Believe me – if you smelled them you would have to eat them, I think I outdid myself this time!

    • Emmadog says

      I know, we are both worn out from our walk and our full bellies! I am such a great baker and Katie loves my creations too!

  7. says

    That is one rockin’ birthday indeed!!!! So glad your day was pawesome!!!! Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday…11 years YOUNG!!!! Seniors ROCK!!!!

    • Emmadog says

      Yay for senior dogs! My sister still has plenty of puppy moves in her, she just tires a bit easier :)

    • Emmadog says

      Oh boy, Katie loves kisses! We are a bit tired from our walk and then the cake and ice cream…about time for the birthday nap!

  8. says

    Plan B is perfect. Happy 11th Barkday Katie.What a DELISH! ice cream banana cake … Emma definitely enjoyed it. Your mom got a good deal PAWZ deal. I suggest you continue to celebrate you barkday this weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Emmadog says

      Thanks, Sugar! We both love the dessert and I am sure we will have a fun weekend as our friend Buddy is coming to stay with us :) TGIF!

  9. says

    Happy Birthday Katie! That birthday cake looks awesome! You did a fantastic job with the cake Emma! Sending lots of hugs and kisses and birthday wishes!

  10. says

    Happy birthday Katie!!
    Ems I loved your party idea, such a shame you didn’t get to do it. But that cake looks pretty special to me:-)

  11. says

    Emma, it looks like Katie had a very wonderful birthday, even if you didn’t get to go with your Plan A. What a great sister you are!

  12. says

    I’m all over that tent pawty idea Emma…you’re a super pawty planner and that would have been a mega blast…But your smaller celebration was pretty fine too…Those cakes look amazing and i will make sure Momz is here on Tuesday to find out how to make them cause my Gotch’s Day will be coming up in not too long…If I had a sisfur I’d want her to be just like you

    • Emmadog says

      Awww…thank you, that is a huge compliment :) We had a great time and the dessert is pawsome, mom said it smelled so good she wanted to have some but I said it was only for us doggies!

  13. says

    OMD!! Can this post be ANY cuter?! Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Katie! Emma, thank you for sharing such wonderful pics of Katie’s special day!

  14. says

    Happy belated birthday, Katie!
    Emma’s creation seems really yummy although I am not sure it would be good for us kitties but it is obviously yummy for dogs!
    Sending you lots of purrs

    P.S.: Emma, loved your plan A! Humans always rain on our parades, don’t they?

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