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Paws on Paws Dessert | GBGV | Tasty Tuesday

July 2, 2013

GBGV Chef Emma

Last week my sister turned 11, so I had to think of a special dessert to make that she would love and that would be fancy enough for her. Katie loves peanut butter, bananas, and yogurt so I decided cake and ice cream would be perfect.

GBGV adding yogurt

ice cream process1

I started with the ice cream. Mom bought me a new treat pan at PetCo and I thought it would be ideal to make small paw pad ice cream shapes. First we had to soften the peanut butter in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. We then put the slightly runny peanut butter into a small Ziploc bag and cut the one corner off leaving an about 1/8” opening. Using this as a “piping” bag, we filled in the toe and paw pad areas and then put it in the freezer to harden. Once frozen we put the yogurt in a Ziploc bag and cut the corner off so it was also a “piping” bag. We filled the rest of the paw with the yogurt. Next we took a small amount of honey and added it to the top and swirled it into the yogurt with a toothpick.  These paws then went back into the freezer until frozen solid.

GBGV checking ingredients

cake process1

Making the paw cake was even easier! I had to mash up the overripe bananas. I wanted to stomp them with my paws but Mom insisted I use a fork – takes all the sport out of it!  Put all the ingredients into your mixing bowl, stir well and then pour into your cake mold(s). You can use an 8” cake pan, cup cake pan or I chose to use my big paw molds.

GBGV sniffin the cakes

Once they come out of the oven let them cool. We thought about frosting them but with the ice cream as a topper, Mom thought that was enough, so we did not frost them.

cake and ice cream

To serve, simply put one of the paws on a plate and top with a small ice cream paw in the middle of the big paw pad.  They are super, super, yummy in the doggy tummy! Click here to get the downloadable PDF of the recipes.

GBGV Yummy

We had been ordering silicone pans like my big paw pan on line because we could not find them in stores. When we saw the paw and bone molds from Hugs Pet Products at PetCo, Mom snapped them right up. They were less expensive than ones we found on line and there was no shipping. We really liked them, so we thought we would write a little review on them after trying out the paw mold.


  • They are sturdy.
  • They can be used for baking or for frozen treats.
  • They are dishwasher safe.
  • The frozen treats popped right out and if the little pads stuck a bit they were super easy to push out.
  • The absolute favorite feature is that they have a wire frame around the outside of the pan (it is inside the silicone), this keeps the pan flat, so no need to put it on a cookie sheet or worry about it bending like most silicone pans!
  • They were priced well.


  • I should be on their packaging in my chef outfit, not some dog that is not even baking…feel free to lobby them for me :)
  • We did not find any negatives in the actual product and would buy them again if we needed more or if they come out with new fun shapes.

You can find out more about them or order them on the Hugs website.

new pan

I purchased these products on my own and have not received any compensation for this review. I reviewed these products solely because I tried them and found them to be very good.

tasty-tuesdayI’m joining the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop fun sponsored by Kol’s Notes &  Sugar the Golden Retriever

58 Comments leave one →
  1. July 2, 2013 06:44

    You and your Mom are soooooooo creative!!!! You did an amazing and beautiful job! I bet they were delicious! My Mom would totally ruin it BOL

  2. July 2, 2013 06:54

    Emma I love your I ice cream recipe and your photo shoot is pawsome! Silicone molds with wire is brilliant and I agree you should be the package model!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:32

      That wires really is brilliant! Thanks for the compliments…I am posting on that companies fb page – see if they like me :)

  3. July 2, 2013 07:42

    Umm! They look PAWtastic! :)

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:32

      They are…at least for us dogs! Humans could eat them but mom said they would be quite bland.

  4. July 2, 2013 07:53

    I always get so hungry when I visit you on Tasty Tuesday Emma!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:33

      You should…this is good stuff :)

  5. Ellen Shedlarx permalink
    July 2, 2013 08:01

    Katie and I are starting to get a little girl crush on you. You are so creative. I said it before, you should should have your own line of cooking products at Target. .

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:34

      I would be happy modeling or something for these bakin pans too :) I love to bake and do photo shoots.

  6. July 2, 2013 08:14

    Those look delicious, I’m going to ask my mom to make me some!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:35

      Together or separately, they are super tasty and pretty simple!

  7. July 2, 2013 08:18

    PAWsome Ice Cream Cake recipe. We were in Petco (all the time) and did not see that silicon. A good reason to go again. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:35

      We had never seen it before but there they were like 2 weeks ago so we bought both just in case we did not see them again. They are great molds!

  8. July 2, 2013 08:27


    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:36

      Uh oh, hopefully not on your keyboard ;)

  9. July 2, 2013 08:31

    You should absolutely be on the packaging!! I love silicone pans, I use them in my regular baking. Those treats look delicious!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 08:37

      We have several but these are by far the best since they are super sturdy and we love that wire so they don’t flex!

  10. July 2, 2013 09:16

    I love Tasty Tuesday. We always get fun new treat to eat. Yum.

    Check out my new ride:

  11. FleaByte permalink
    July 2, 2013 09:21

    Emma! Your mom is a super genius! I love the peanut butter in the paw pads. Do you think your mom would make my birthday cake?

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 10:28

      Do you want something that is more flavorful or bland like our stuff that we love? She loves to bake and be creative but with no one around to eat it all, she ends up baking mostly for us…no complaints on that point!

  12. Sharon Gilbert permalink
    July 2, 2013 09:35

    I am going to Petco. I want to make the same things for my dogs. Thanks for the recipes.

  13. July 2, 2013 10:19

    Professor yesterday, chef today – you truly are a renaissance dog!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 10:31

      I work like a dog, I tell you…a tough life but some dog has to do it ;)

  14. July 2, 2013 10:58

    Thank you for sharing the recipes we can’t wait to try them some time!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 13:01

      The dogs will love them!

  15. slimdoggy permalink
    July 2, 2013 12:13

    Emma, you are so sweet to make treats for your sister Katie…lucky you get to try them out too. Hmmm, maybe that’s why you make them!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 13:03

      Baking is a self rewarding behavior which is why I love it so much! The cook has to be the official taster, you know :)

  16. July 2, 2013 14:01

    Emma, you truly are a gem-a!!! Ma has been trying to figure out where everyone gets their silicone treat pans…now you have let us know! I am pushing her out the door to go shopping as I type. BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 15:28

      Yay! If you don’t find them at PetCo, order them from Hugs Pet Products, they are on their website under dogs/treats. Good luck and it is time your mom gets with the program, sheesh ;)

  17. July 2, 2013 14:59

    Happy Birthday, Katie!

    Emma–You are such a great baker and big sister! Good job on your yummy, cute ice cream cakes!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 15:28

      Thanks, baking is lots of fun…especially since the cook has to sample along the way ;)

  18. July 2, 2013 15:26

    What a fun dessert! Looks like everyone loved them. I also love the pictures…how fun!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 20:19

      Thank you! We did love them, they were quite tasty :)

  19. July 2, 2013 17:01

    Emma you are just the best chef…when you talked about stomping the bananas with your paws I had this funny vision of you and Lucille Ball stomping grapes together…That ice cream is so adorable and so easy…I’ll be looking for the Hugs pans locally now

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 20:20

      It is all easy and I sure would love to be able to lick banana out from between my toes but Mom isn’t keen on that idea ;) Mom says she knows that Lucy episode too!

  20. July 2, 2013 17:36

    Oh man, I’m currently licking the computer screen because of those absolutely delicious looking yogurt ice cream doodads! Yummy!!! Thanks for the pawesome recipe!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 2, 2013 20:20

      Believe me, even if you don’t usually drool, you will start! Very tasty!

  21. July 2, 2013 23:54

    We love the care your Mom put into painting the paw pads Emma! She’s so very talented. I like the cake & ice cream combo. It’s so classicly birthday.

    Happy Birthday Katie!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 3, 2013 05:53

      Cake and ice cream – traditional birthday stuff! We just used the paint brush to get the peanut butter into the molds since the pad spaces were quite small.

  22. July 3, 2013 01:47

    Emma, I have slobbered all over the compawter, they look super yummy. We think you should definitely be on the cover xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 3, 2013 05:53

      Careful not to slip in your slobber – LOL! They are so tasty!

  23. July 3, 2013 03:41

    They look fab! Although I have to admit typist reads the recipes and never knows if the finished cake/yummy stuff is for her or me!!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 3, 2013 05:54

      All my stuff could be eaten by humans but is intended for us dogs :)

      • July 3, 2013 05:55

        Fanks for clearing it up – you have no idea what I have to deal wiv!

  24. July 3, 2013 08:17

    Oh my those looks so yummy. You are very talented. Poor Storm she did not get homemade anything for her birthday…lol.

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 3, 2013 08:50

      Smelling the paws baking about killed me…such a yummy smell!

  25. July 3, 2013 09:38

    You are such a good cook and thoughtful sister, Emma! And I love those pans!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 3, 2013 10:19

      They are so great, very sturdy but so flexible and the wire frame is really a super idea!

  26. July 3, 2013 20:11

    You’re tasty tuesdays make me drool a lot.

  27. July 7, 2013 08:23

    So deliciously fabulous! Ever thought of opening your own barkery someday?

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 7, 2013 11:50

      That would be fun but I have no idea how that would work and it would be a lot of work too :)

  28. July 7, 2013 11:26

    I’m late seeing this, but fantastic post… and recipes… and pictures! Fantastic everything! You’re a genius in the kitchen, Emma!

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 7, 2013 11:50

      Thank you, I like to be creative and I like to eat, so it is a good combo :)

  29. March 22, 2014 16:08

    The big paw silicone mold looks like the wonderful one from They also have the mini bone shaped silicone pan that works perfectly to make many dog biscuits at one time.

    • Emmadog permalink*
      March 22, 2014 19:02

      We have a bone one and a mini paw one too. Got the big paw one on Amazon last year.

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