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I am a French Scent Hound with a blog, and I would sure love to sniff around barkworld, but I need to send my mom.  I sent Mom to BlogPaws in May. She learned so much but it was her first time attending such a conference so she really was not able to get as much out of it as she should have. Now she understands how these things work and she is ready to give it another try! Going to barkworld would be huge for our business plan! Since the blog and social media is all mine, I am writing this post for her.


We saw that Pruven from 3M is looking to sponsor one lucky blogger and I think they should send my mom for a number of reasons starting with the fact 3M is a Twin Cities company and we live in the Twin Cities.

I already have my Pruven bandana and waste bag dispensers!

I already have my Pruven bandana and waste bag dispensers!

I made a short video howling out all the reasons my mom should win the trip to barkworld. Please take 30 seconds to listen to what I have to howl about. I know it is barkworld, but I am a hound and I rarely bark, I prefer to howl.

We are fairly new to the whole blogging and social media world but we are working hard to expand and learn all we can about this new world. One of the biggest bonuses of attending barkworld would be to find companies that would like to work with us. is all about fun but we are also very interested in promoting healthy eating habits for pets, pet fitness and pet health. Now that my mom understands the networking part of such an expo, she would be better able to meet with potential partners to discuss opportunities. We like creativity, are loyal, and we have a lot of ideas to help a partner grow along with us.

Networking with other bloggers is also huge! It was so nice to be able to ask others questions about how things work or how to do different things on websites, and social media. Other bloggers could actually help out and answer questions Mom had! Everyone has their own “business” but sharing is such a wonderful tool.

Attending the classes is also very helpful. My mom learned so much about so many different things. We are working on finishing my first book and we are thinking of revamping my website and could definitely get some great advice from the classes at barkworld. We already have made many changes just with what Mom learned at BlogPaws but we definitely need more help.

One last reason to send Mom to barkworld is that her birthday is coming up and I know how much she wants to go. If I could get her sponsored, it would be such a pawsome present from me. She does so much for me I would love to help her do this!

GBGV driving to BW copy

I understand that Pruven is looking to pay the airfare to send the chosen blogger to barkworld but we also have an alternative suggestion (which would be my GBGV dream). We could use the airfare money for gas. We like to think out of the standard dog bowl, and my mom could drive to barkworld so I could go along. I bet I would be the first ever GBGV to attend! We would be happy to blog about our road trip, as well as the entire barkworld experience. I know Pruven has many products that would be useful on a road trip such as waste bags, stain and odor removers, and pet hair rollers. We would be more than happy to use and review these types of products along the way, and yes, we could decorate the car if our sponsor would like.

I’m sure there will be an overwhelming amount of bloggers trying to win this spot, but I sure hope that we have a chance. Without a sponsor, it is just not in our budget. We are ready to learn and expand, and barkworld would sure help us out with that! If you want to help me send my mom to barkworld, (or maybe me too, if Pruven likes the road trip option), please share my post with your social media accounts as sharing is an important part of determining who will win the free trip! Thank you so much!  Emma the GBGV

Today I’m joining in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop sponsored by Life with Dogs! Stop by and give some of the blogs on the list a good sniff around!

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    • Emmadog says

      Thank you! Please share if you can. You can use the share buttons at the end of the post :)

  1. Ellen Shedlarx says

    How can we help? Do we just share their link? Hoe would you get credit? We want you and Emma to go?

    • Emmadog says

      I know, I so want to meet all my friends and I want mom to learn a lot for my blog and stuff too! Please share where you can! Thanks :)

  2. says

    Emma, you are such a good blogging partner for your mom, doing all this work to get her to BarkWorld. We would love to meet you there! I think the fact that you live in Minnesota should be enough for Pruven!

    • Emmadog says

      And I would offer to redecorate Mom’s car if we could drive! I know she would not mind! I want to meet everyone!

  3. says

    You make some excellent arguments here Emma…I feel the same way…Momz & I need to go so we can meet all our furriends and learn to be better bloggers…Sure hope we get to see you there

  4. says

    We will sure share this for you too sweet Emma! My Dad and the Flat have been before and it is a great conference!

  5. says

    Emma, I found your argument so convincing, I crawled out from under the bed where I was sleeping (aka letting everyone know how depressed I am by this rain and pouting). I hope I’ll get to meet you, or at least your human, there! xoxo, Rory

    • Emmadog says

      Yay! We have 90’s and dewpoints around 70, also rotten weather! I hope I get to go and can meet you and Lane and your human! Next Sat. they announce the winner. Thanks for your support :)

  6. says

    You do make some very good points in your video, althought I did get slightly distracted as it then moved onto your big stick video and I just couldn’t resist!! I am keeping everything crossed for you!

    • Emmadog says

      I know, that stick was pawsome! Hope I can win but we will have to wait until Saturday to find out!

    • Emmadog says

      Wouldn’t that be an awesome present for me to give her! I have my paws so totally crossed I can hardly walk straight!

  7. says

    Brilliant! I hope this works for you – can’t see any reason for it not to. I hope I can go, too, and will love meeting you if I do. We want to drive, too, so we can take the cats.

    • Emmadog says

      Thank you! Mom isn’t big on driving but she won’t let us fly cargo, so we would have to drive if I go but we would make a fun trip out of it. I hope we can win :)

    • Emmadog says

      It would be fun to meet you and all the others I know online…I like kitties normally, so you don’t need to be scared of me if I am there 😉

    • Emmadog says

      It is only in my cards if I win this. We will see, but we have BlogPaws in May for sure!

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