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An Unlikely Guest | GBGV

July 8, 2013

emmas b and b

Emma’s B&B is now in full swing for the summer season and guess who showed up at my door? None other than my cousin Bowie the cat in his cool new carrier! I have never had a cat at my B&B before – I was wondering how it would work out. Katie and I know Bowie from when we visit him at Gramma’s house but Bowie has never been to my house and has never met my cats, Bert and Sophie.

GBGV Bowie in carrier

Being a cat, he did not really want to get out of his carrier. He seemed to be pretty scared about being at our house. Bert came over and sniffed around on him a few times, sometimes they hissed at each other. I found that really bad, so I raced over, broke it up, and barked at them to play nice.

the 3 cats

Bowie did come out of his carrier finally during the first night. In the morning I found all 3 cats on the stairway not really sure of what they should do next. Luckily, Bowie is a super mellow cool dude, so he just did what he wanted and didn’t let my cats bother him.

the boys

Bert seemed to kind of like having another “guy” in the house to hang out with. I caught them doing stuff together several times and they never had a fight. Sophie did not seem to like Bowie at all and was actually, quite rude to him. Being the “Little Miss Priss” in the family, I was not surprised by her behavior. Heavens, she doesn’t even like me, so why would she like another cat?

GBGV Bowie in my window

Eventually, Bowie found my front window. I was hanging out, performing my usual neighborhood watch duties when he jumped up and joined me for a bit. We had a little dog to cat discussion about the rules of my window and what kind of critters and birdies I watch at the feeder.


Bowie’s favorite part about staying at my B&B was discovering catnip. Gramma has said that he had no interest in catnip. In fact, she gave Bert all Bowie’s catnip a while back because Bowie didn’t want it. For some reason, at our house he fell in love with it and could not get enough! He loved the wave scratching thing that Mom puts the catnip on too.  I did get a bit worried about his new habit as it seemed that he may have over indulged and passed out. After returning home, Gramma bought him his own wave and catnip. She has reported that he is now addicted to “nip”, and she often finds him passed out on or near his wave. Hope I am not to blame for his downfall!

bowie contemplating

Bowie was just staying with us for 3 ½ days but we all had a great time. I guess that for a cat he was not a bad guest and he could come and stay at my B&B again if he would like to. Thanks for coming to visit us cousin Bowie!

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  1. July 11, 2013 18:32

    Bowie looks like a sweetheart. I bet it was easy for Emma to get along with him. :) What fun photos!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    • Emmadog permalink*
      July 12, 2013 06:04

      He is a super mellow cat. For a cat to go from an only pet household to one with 2 cats and 2 dogs and get along is pretty good!

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