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Bad Poetry DayThanks to Oz the Terrier and Haiku by Ku for hosting this dog challenging event. It definitely got some rust off my brain cells! Ku just published his book!  If you don’t know him stop by his blog to find out all about his story and how to get his book.

This was a super tough assignment for this dog. I think I am a pretty decent writer but I have no idea about poetry and this had me frazzled. I got lots of books to study with but it was still a tall order. I did my best, how do you think it came out? Am I a good candidate for the Bad Poetry Day Contest?

GBGV Writes Poetry

Emma is a GBGV

Happy as could be.

All day she is busy

Putting critters in a tizzy.

She makes a habit

Out of wabbit.

Her tail swirls

At the sight of squirrels.

When at night she hits the bed

Dreams of furry tails dance in her head.

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  1. says

    Well I think that was darn good Emma!

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes for our Dad, he is already doing so much better!

  2. says

    Oh Emma…first, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of you with all that crinkled up paper and those poetry books. You are such a darling!!!

    I have to say, that was pretty good for a first poem. I don’t know…I think Ku and I will have a hard time choosing winners. BOL

    Thank you for participating in our contest!!
    *Cairn cuddles*

    • Emmadog says

      I know but it was harder to try to make it bad, so I figured if I was writing, I may as well make it nice.

  3. says

    Goodness Emma, you’re quite the poet! I don’t know about Bad Poetry Day. Your poem’s probably too good to be considered bad by any stretch. And I love that picture! You in those glasses makes me smile!

  4. says

    I think your poem is perfect for you. I used to think poetry was impossible for me and admired people who wrote it. I still admire them but, after taking a poetry class, I realize that I CAN write poetry. It was very draining for me to do so though. I think that it comes easier to “poets” or they enjoy the labor more :)

    • Emmadog says

      For some just writing is hard, but maybe like bloggers just write, poets just think in rhymes and write? It was not easy.

  5. says

    Emma, you really went all out doing your research and such. Great job. But if the poem was supposed to be bad, I don’t know, it seemed pretty good to me! :)

    • Emmadog says

      I know, but Mom says I need to be a good dog, so I figured I better write a good poem, but it is surely not that good!

    • Emmadog says

      Writing is more fun for me too but it was fun to try. I’m sure that for some, poetry comes naturally.

    • Emmadog says

      It came out okay, but I think I will stick to regular writing. I had to study up so I would know a few things about how to even start writing a poem!


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