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A New Adventure Walk | GBGV | FitDog Friday

August 30, 2013

k9kampbadgeb-300x300_thumbI am finally getting around to posting my Keeping Up With K9 Kamp activity for August. This month has been super busy with B&B guests almost the entire month, Mom’s work has been out of control, and we have been trying to finish my book so everything will be in place for the launch on September 19th. With all these “going ons” we decided to just combine one of our Snoopy hunting trips with a walk in a new place which was on the list of qualifying activities.

GBGV trail mapMom thought it would be fun to walk down along the Mississippi River, so we stopped at a parking lot in the Great River Passage, and took a walk for a good hour around the Crosby Farm Regional Park. All of us love finding new places to walk and Katie is more energetic too on new trails. We took a crash course, and learned that the entire park with its 736 acres is the largest national park in the St. Paul park system. The park contains 6.7 miles of paved trails along the Mississippi River’s wooded bottom lands.

Crosby Farm Reg ParkThere was only one flaw in our plan…what do you find in those wooded bottomlands? Reptiles! What is my mom terrified of? Reptiles! When we were about half an hour in a snake slithered over the path, which I found interesting. Mom let out a huge scream, and yanked me to the moon and back. Some other walkers saw this occur, and assured Mom the snake was harmless, but that was it. Once we see something like that we need to get out of there immediately, so we did not do the entire trail, only about 3 ½ miles. Rats, mice, spiders, just about any creature is fine but NO snakes. Mom had some bad experiences with snakes as a kid and she can’t deal with the sight of them.

GBGV getting startedAside from that reptile issue, we did have a nice walk. It was a hot day out but most of the trail was in the shade, so we did not overheat.

GBGV MississippiThe river was gorgeous with all the lily pads and grass stuff. Katie and I took a break to admire it a bit.

GBGV sitting on a treeLots of larger trees had fallen down in the park, and I thought climbing up on one would be fun.

GBGV with the flowersWe sat next to some pretty yellow wild flowers.

GBGV resting in the shadeThere was a shaded area with a nice bench for us to take a break on.

GBGV on riverbankAll in all it was really a fun place to go but we will probably never go back because of the snake sighting. Actually, Mom may take us back in the winter when those terrible creatures don’t come out. We would like to go back.

fitDogFridayI am joining in the FitDog Friday blog hop sponsored by  SlimDoggyPeggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love Stop by and see what other dogs are doing to stay fit!

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  1. September 2, 2013 08:10

    Looks like a great walk! And mom agrees on the snake thing, can’t even look at pictures! Love Dolly

    • Emmadog permalink*
      September 2, 2013 08:36

      No, no photos, they burn into her mind and it is all she sees…awful things!

  2. September 3, 2013 11:10

    I’d love to see the Mississippi. It looks really wide in those photos. I love the one of you and Katie taking it easy on the bench.

    • Emmadog permalink*
      September 3, 2013 13:24

      The Mississippi is pretty wide in places. Mom has been to where it starts in Northern Minnesota and it is pretty small and shallow she tells me.

  3. September 3, 2013 12:11

    It is one of the benefits of winter walking….no snakes. I would scream too, but not too loudly but I don’t think I am as afraid as mom is. Poor thing, I can imagine if I’d seen what she saw I would feel the same way.

    • Emmadog permalink*
      September 3, 2013 13:41

      Yes, it is definitely bad with her and those creatures! Boy does she have a set of screaming lungs too!

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