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How do you spell scrumptious? I spell it Brown Beggars from! I was chosen to write a review of Brown Beggers products which sure turned out to be a tasty job! Let’s just say the UPS man is in for lots of kisses for bringing me those packages! Right now we are a great place to try out dog products as we have a puppy, middle aged me, and my senior sister. Once the packages arrived I went ahead and had us test out the different all natural products.

GBGV Brown Beggers 144 PkgI started my testing with the Brown Beggers The 144. These came in a long cardboard tube which was quite interesting. After prying the end cap off one end I was able to start pulling the beef jerky sticks out. Wow, they smelled awesome! Each stick is about three feet long and we had four sticks. I figured I would get two, Katie, and Bailie each one. Wrong. Mom said they are meant to be snapped into smaller pieces for different uses. Bite sized for training, a bit longer for a bit larger reward, and even longer for a nice chew snack. The size also is determined by the size of the dog. They were super easy to break and did not leave any mess or grease on Mom’s hands. I got a good piece to work on, Katie got an even longer one, and baby Bailie got a short piece to work on.

GBGV Emma with Brown Begger 144

Kuvasz Katie with Brown Begger 144

GBGV Bailie with Brown Beggers 144They did not last a long time. I would say Katie and I each worked on our pieces for about ten minutes. Bailie was still gnawing at twenty minutes when Mom took it away. Our take is that with baby teeth it might last forever but for us bigger dogs it is eaten in a reasonable time. We give The 144 twelve paws up. The only downside is finding a safe place to store them since the package is so long.

GBGV Brown Beggers Chew SamplerNext up was the Brown Beggers Chew Sampler. Let’s just say that the cat was trying to chew his way into that package…that is how good they were! The packaging was fun as it looked like it came straight from the butcher shop! It was rather hard for Mom to tell what exactly all the items were, but it did not matter much because they were all so tasty!

GBGV  Brown Beggers Chew Sampler BoneI tested out a shank bone. I haven’t finished it yet, it is a lot of work. I love it and we love chew snacks that last.

Kuvasz Brown Beggers Chew Sampler KneeKatie tried out what we think was a knee cap. She was all over that! For a large dog it is ideal.

GBGV Brown Beggers Chew Sampler Trechea ChipBailie stole a tripe pattie right out from under me, and then she got to try a Trechea chip. She loved both items, and then she snuck over and cleaned off the paper packaging! Being from a litter of fourteen, she is food crazy!

GBGV Brown Beggers Chew Sampler Clean UpThe Chew Sampler was awesome for our family of different sizes and ages. You can order them in small, medium, or large, but our assortment worked well for all our sizes. The only down side is that we really need to eat them on a hard floor or outside as they are a bit messy, but we can do that next time. The Brown Beggers Chew Sampler also gets a twelve paws up!

This post is sponsored by I am being compensated to share my thoughts on the Brown Beggers treats, but the opinions expressed on are my own and I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers.

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  1. Maggie, thePBGV says

    Dadgummit, Emma! The mom went to FSU and that ‘splains my language choice. This is me, Maggie the PBGV. I am going to check out Gotta find treats that do not contain beef or milk products – my tummy can’t handle either foods,

    • Emmadog says

      Well the long snacks were beef but it looks like they have chicken in The 144 Brown Begger selection. It is really good stuff and you can order for small dogs too.

  2. says

    Oh. My. Dog. Emma, those chews sound amazing!!! What luck you got so much stuff. I am going to have to run over and check out SitStay!!! Thanks for the heads up!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  3. says

    Could they have chosen anything more perfect for your family Emma? Just like Goldilocks, everything was “just right” for one of you and it sure looks like everything was greatly enjoyed

    • Emmadog says

      Oh yeah! They are so awesome and especially since you can break them into different sized pieces for any dog or purpose!

  4. says

    Ooooh! We haven’t heard of the Brown Beggers brand before but their stuff looks delicious! The wiens would LOVE the 144s! I think we’ll definitely be trying those!
    Love all the pictures of you three enjoying these chews! Pawsome review!

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